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After reaching our goal on Kickstarter, many new warriors came forth wanting to join our warband.
Now it is possible.

Choose your preferred reward tier, add any extra out-of-tier reward to your cart, and join our community!
The game is planned for release on April 2018 for PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One and Playstation 4, with your copy supplied on your chosen platform.
However if you choose to buy into our beta tests, note that they are exclusive for PC, Linux and Mac during our Early Access period and until full release.

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The Initiate - Digital Copy, Dev Updates, Forum Badge

The Apprentice - Digital Copy, Beta Access, Name in Credits, Dev-Polls Access, Dev Updates, Forum Badge



NOTICE: Add-ons can be added to your cart along with any of the above reward tiers, but not purchased independently.

Addon - Extra Digital Game CopyAddon - Digital ArtbookAddon - Digital SoundtrackAddon - Digital Game Manual