Status Update

Hey everyone and welcome to our first development status update.

We had a blast at GDC16 as part of the IndieMegaBooth, where we met lots of enthusiasts and a couple of publishers. So we came out of that event with a few set goals, to deliver a demo build to those guys and our play testers.

So what have we been up to for the past month?

We did lots of graphical improvements to the engine and game. Changing the placement grid to an outline, UI changes and even Fire shader improvements.
Bug fixes on Camera behavior, targeting, fire propagation and grid path finding.

We also showed our game at the GeekPicnic event in Jerusalem, with lines taking longer than 2 hours waiting to play Fort Triumph in the festival.

Yet, we still managed, between the bug fixes and the picnics, to add new Enemies, Control improvements, a brand new and very challenging River-Crossing Forest level with super-tough enemies and Archer Goblins equipped with Fire-Arrows to showcase Leap/Blink, Fire mechanics, the Ranger class, where you only need to survive.

To get there, of course, we added lots of interesting things to the game’s core environmental mechanics

  • Propagating fire
  • Ice affecting Fire, cancelling it out
  • Ranger “Fire Arrow” ability
  • Warrior “Leap” ability – to traverse chasms and rivers
  • Added initial character dialogues.
  • Multiple ways of ending missions – assassination of one or more specific targets, killing all enemies, securing a position, passing through a point, acquiring an item, clearing a puzzle and more
  • Enemy and Ally waves/reinforcement mechanism
  • Large objects that are pushed into water are only partially submerged to be used as platforms

Tell us what you think about these additions and changes. And if you have more ideas, tell us in the comments, or in the forum.