An Indie Quest for an Epic Office

Today our team took a short break from new development and went hands-on testing a new ‘office’ level. Arriving on the scene, we found some rude, annoying walls generated smack in the middle of our space. However, these walls messed with the wrong party, as we’ve got the gear, the skills and the talents to kick some low tier wall ass.


Fort Triumph indie dev team
Planning an all out attack on hostile walls


kicking down a wall in the Fort Triumph offices
Adam led our assault and tanked the first wall assailant


It was after our first engagement with the wall-folk that we got our first piece of loot – a +2 morale crowbar. Guy had the honor of carrying that powerful weapon into battle, and the front lines of the wall-people crumbled before our fury.

crowbar renovation Fort Triumph indie dev team
Crowbar morale boost, demonstrated


teamwork in Fort Triumph office renovation
Just like in any tactical RPG, teamwork is key


tall Fort Triumph indie dev team member renovating
During the mid-game, Eyal made our ladder technology obsolete


Our foothold in the office level has been established, however the local landscape was hostile to any sentient being with eyes and some style. We immediately began excavating and de-texturizing our holdings, and as we slowly pushed the plasters back (as we began to call them) we scorched the land behind us, ensuring its future aesthetic revival under our leadership.

Retexturing renovation Fort Triumph indie dev team
“We’re definitely re-texturizing these tiles”


view skyline Fort Triumph offices
Great view from our office level


As we fought on through the day, our abilities and gear improved, and at some point it felt like low tier walls are no longer a challenge. We ventured deeper into enemy territory and engaged the frames, a race of metallic creatures resistant to most types of damage. Only our most powerful magical artifacts and specialized talent builds allowed us to meet them head on.

disc saw renovation in Fort Triumph office
Omer defeating a frame and testing the level’s special effects


Fort Triumph team members fooling around
Loot included magical armor, side-effect is apparently becoming visibly evil


After long hours of gruesome battle, the fight is over, and our party of heroes gathered around to celebrate our final victory.  Never again shall the wall-folk nor the frames threaten the comfort of our workstations.


Fort Triumph dev team picture
Our party of heroes, satisfied after a long battle