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    RE posted from Steam:

    Hi There,
    I purchased the game yesterday and played it for a few hours. I left it unattended for a good portion of the day wile I was busy and went to play it after a time, and it crashed.. no big deal.
    But now it gives me the same error message every time I try and start the game.
    “Fort Triumph has encountered an error and must close a crash report named “crash_2018-05-14_073746 has been generated” It then offers me a chance send the files to Cookie byte entertainment and then promptly crashes completely.
    I have tried reinstalling the game , twice, and no joy. As well I have tried to verify the file integrity
    and again it still doesn’t help.
    I have requested a refund from Steam and because I have logged more than 2 hours ( 10 in my case ) they won’t give me a refund.
    Before I enter into a huge fight to try and get my money back can someone just fix this? or tell me how to fix it?
    I liked the game when it worked…..

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    Guy Wolfus
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    Hey Rgreen29,
    I see Eran our Lead Programmer is following the thread on Steam with you.
    Thanks for sending the logs and the willingness to help us solve this issue!
    Feel free to keep any of us in the loop in case it isn’t resolved, either on Steam, here, twitter or directly at our Emails at: \ \


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