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    During our Kickstarter campaign, you have unlocked development for a new skeletal miniboss, developed by the community.

    We will repost below all ideas sent during Kickstarter, and allow new people to weigh in for a few days before starting to vote options up and down.

    Your creative ideas are needed, wizards, get to it!


    1. Bardon Plays suggested:

    How about a lady skeleton named Vindicta who is trying to get revenge against a town because they have her husband or son hanging in the school to use in science lessons.

    She tried to send other skeletons to the village to ask politely for them to be returned but this just scarred the villagers who then armed themselves against this “invasion”. In response the skeletons then started arming themselves for self defence.

    This then evolved into a shoot on sight policy because giving the humans warning just meant getting an arrow in the skull and those are pretty hard to get out when your head isn’t all that firmly attached in the first place.

    Also if in the dialogue someone asked her why her son just didn’t tell the chool/village that there’s been a mistake she could say that she raised him to be a good boy and every good boy knows not to interupt the teacher and to only speak when spoken to in school.

    But those upity humans would never even think to say good morning to a skeleton let alone ask if he was OK.

    2. Nyaz Needurdab wrote:

    So my idea for the mini boss in the crypt is a skeleton necromancer that is wearing purple robes and covers in green flames.

    When it defeats one of your party they will come back as a skeleton that will fight you and it can revive other skeletons.

    The lore of the mini boss could be that he was a respected Mage but he was revived by a necromancer who wants him to kill the king or he will always be a slave to the necromancer

    3. Game kNight:

    For the mini boss I would like to see a team of three brothers, one mage, one fighter and one ranger type. The would need to be taken down at the same time – if not each dead brother will boost the others, leaving one left will make him into a boss that is to be reckoned with.

    The buff could consist of increased stats/health/damage but also new skills added to their arsenal. The trick here would be to bring them down slowly to a point where you could kill all three in one go.

    That I would like to fight!

    4. Nyaz Needurdab strikes once more:

    It is a huge Chalcosoma which has a knight with insect like armour and a crossbow riding it. At half health the knight will jump off the bug gains a spear.

    The lore for the knight and the bug could be that they were champions or adventures but when they entered the crypt the were influenced by the dark magic in the tomb so they went insane.

    another thing for the fight could be that when the knight dies the bug gains an attack boost and if the bug dies first the knight gets a defence boost.


    Add your own ideas as replies or discuss the ones included here!

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