Welcome to Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph is a fantasy Turn Based Tactics (/Strategy) game with dynamic environments, emphasizing smart positioning of your units and interactions with the surroundings. Or in short, fantasy XCOM with very dynamic environments.

Why Turn Based Strategy?


We’ve been playing strategy and tactics games for years, whether it’s video, board or card games (Fun Fact: the definition of strategy game is uncomfortably ambiguous, “a game in which players’ uncoerced [..] decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome” – Wikipedia), so we thought we’ve more or less seen it all. But when XCOM came out we were amazed by it. Specifically we felt the tactical combat gameplay was a leap forward for the genre, and almost unparalleled in how immersive it is, even to this day.

A more visceral form of Chess, that takes you deep into a world of strategic thinking, tactical planning and puts you in control of a group of evolving heroes in a fight for their world.

We wanted more, and no one was supplying something quite like what we wanted. So we decided to make our own game, in the spirit of what makes amazing tactics games so exhilarating for us to play – having multiple smart decisions to make at most points, high stakes and rewards, and smart thinking in the moment is king (AKA: Tactics), instead of tedious grinding to level up.

All that remained was to pick the fantasy genre (duh, it’s so awesome), and Fort Triumph was born.


As we developed, we wanted to add a lot of new features without detouring from the gameplay we liked so much, which we felt was a problem a lot of games coming out recently have had. We resolved to keeping things simple: Let the player interact with their surrounding in natural ways, through cover, leaping and climbing, pushing and pulling enemies or objects, knocking down columns, drowning ill positioned enemies in rivers and setting objects on fire.

Actions not based solely on a unit’s strength and abilities, but on your surroundings and positioning, which leads to emergent gameplay, as seen through a lot of beautiful tactical decisions by smart players, that we had never foreseen, and is exactly what we dreamed to achieve with Fort Triumph. We are definitely on the right path, full steam ahead.