Videos Thursday – Round Up

Been a while since we posted new candies on our site. We’re posting weekly updates on Twitter and Facebook – but this being a Round Up of YouTube videos, this seems a more appropriate place.

We have two YouTubers who got to play an early Alpha build of the game, and enjoyed it so much they posted 4 videos each, so far.

The first is Feniks who made 4 videos:

Tutorial and Dungeon:





Our second YouTuber is TheUrsinus1, who got to play a newer, sleeker version of Fort Triumph, so check out his four:

Normal Difficulty Exploration:

Classic Difficulty Exploration:

Classic Difficulty part 2:

And Legen, wait for it… Dary!:

So, enjoy these great videos. Spread the word. Give these guys some YouTube loving and come back for more.

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