Kickstarter Launch 19.04.2017 (And more news)

Greetings and salutations adventurers!

We have been working hard to prepare for Kickstarter and develop an awesome demo to go with it. Things are going super! Feedback has been flowing from our playtests, Gamejolt testers and others who got interested in Fort Triumph, and we’re making huge steps in the right direction.

At long last we are ready to announce our Kickstarter campaign launch!

If will happen on April 19th, and we can barely wait.



How can you help?

We need your support to make this campaign and our game a success. Naturally, the most direct form of support is pledging and funding our Kickstarter once it is live. The scope and depth of our final game is in your hands.

Another super important part is telling others about Fort Triumph – we are working with no budget or paid media, and we’re dependent on you to go over your friends and fellow gamers, and tell the ones you think will enjoy our game about it. If each of our followers tells five others, our campaign will succeed, as simple as that.

Sharing, posting and tweeting on social media is also very helpful, as it increases our visibility and enabled others to discover Fort Triumph independently. If you have media/blog/youtube contacts whom you believe is interested in our project, send them our way.

If you yourself would like to help in more ways, we’d love to hear your thoughts – reach out to us at with any cool ideas that could boost the campaign.


Development updates

Development is going great – we’ve added a bunch of new hero skills, implemented the dialogue and story infrastructure, added diagonal movement to increase player freedom, reworked some of our control schemes following your feedback, upgraded models and effects and much more.

We also put out our first public tests for Linux and Mac versions and initial feedback is great. As you might remember, we’re aiming to eventually launch on PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox and PS, and this is the first step in fulfilling that promise.

Our focus up to Kickstarter launch will be on debugging and polishing our existing systems up, we want our demo to showcase our vision in a convincing way, and a smooth ride is a crucial part of that. Towards that end, If you’re playing our pre-alpha please take the time to report any bugs you encounter.

Get the most recent public builds on Gamejolt


Thank you for your continued support – we could not get here without your help.