DevTalk – Art Pipeline Intro

Greetings adventurers!
Fort Triumph’s construction is going great – we’re moving ourselves to proper offices in the next few days, our code progress is solid and we’re all super excited towards our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. In the meanwhile, we wanted to share some of the art creation process with you.

One of the things we’re getting asked about constantly is the art pipeline, and over a series of posts we’ll break down and explore each part of the process. In order to most simply demonstrate our workflow and pipeline, we decided to choose an asset to guide us through it, and this time it’ll be Liandra, our Mage heroine!

Liandra’s road to existence is perilous, and the first step was defining her concept as well as her role in our game, followed by a more detailed vision of her general themes and visuals. It is at this point that we usually get our talented artists to sketch some ideas for the character’s look and feel.

After her concept solidifies, it’s time for basic modelling followed by texture and shading. We then rig the character and animate it, with multiple internal feedback stages in between, and finally – we implement our finished Liandra into the game engine, Unity in our case. The image below is the final asset with some beautiful effects and polish by our talented Omer Sharon.

Over the next few weeks we’ll go in depth and give some specific tips we discovered during our work on Fort Triumph for each stage. Stay tuned and follow the next posts as we dive deeper into the creative process and show you more of our work. Also keep your ears perked on Twitter and Facebook for announcements on our upcoming crowdfunding campaign – we will need your support in order to make Fort Triumph the best game it can be 🙂



Female Mage Liandra of Fort Triumph
Omer’s polished end result of Liandra